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Ambar Code of Conduct

Updated November, 2022
Ambar Code of Conduct

Anything you can't tell how you did it; don't do it! If there are reasons not to tell; there are reasons not to do it.

- Immanuel Kant


Ethics for Ambar means Love of Neighbor, something we should know and apply intuitively and naturally. When in doubt about what to do or not to do, ask if it might harm someone. If the answer is yes, don't do it! Ethical deviations will not be tolerated.


To act with transparency in all relations inside and outside Ambar. To make available, in a satisfactory and accessible manner, the data and information that permit the evaluation of the social and environmental contributions and impacts, with the exception of confidential information.

Social Responsibility

We recognize our responsibility for the results and impacts of our actions on the natural and social environment and will make every effort to know and comply with the law and voluntarily exceed our obligations in what is relevant to the well-being of the community.


We will seek to conduct all of our activities with integrity, combating the use of influence peddling and the offering or receiving of bribes or kickbacks by any person or public or private entity. We will seek to influence our suppliers and partners to also combat corrupt practices.

Ambar is a young and innovative company, founded with the objective of integrating the construction ecosystem in a unique journey. We also believe that transparency and ethics should permeate all of our activities and relationships.

Today we officially publish AMBAR's Code of Conduct, prepared with the best Corporate Governance practices, with valuable guidelines for the best way to act in the most diverse projects, with responsibility before our society and with respect for individuals.

It is not possible to transform society without our conduct being exemplary in any time or place.

Soon, everyone will receive the document for their signature and the training invitation.

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